From an article in The Toronto Sun - Driving Force section

Jun 04, 2002

"Truck driver John Goodings is a hero, and now he has an award to prove it."

Goodings, who works for J.D. Smith & Sons Ltd. of Vaughan, Ont., was recently presented with an Award of Recognition at the 33rd annual National Transportation Week Ontario Awards Breakfast for saving the life of a car crash victim.

The award is presented each year to member (s) of the transportation community in recognition of outstanding actions.

Goodings heroics took place on August 30, 2001, when he was driving his truck westbound on Hwy. 7 in Vaughan. He witnessed a collision occur between two cars just ahead of his vehicle.

Goodings managed to stop his truck in time to avoid the collision. He grabbed his fire extinguisher and rushed to the wreckage, where he discovered a woman and her daughter lying on the road after they were thrown from their vehicle.

Suspecting that one of the collision victims might have severe spinal injuries, Goodings stabilized her and performed first aid until emergency services and the police arrived.