OTA Makes Investment in Future, Allocating $40,000 to Education Foundation Scholarship

Oct 06, 2006

(Toronto: Nov. 16, 2006) -- The Ontario Trucking Association announced today that it is allocating $40,000 to establish a new, perpetual scholarship to be awarded each year in its name by the OTA Education Foundation. Details on the criteria applicants will have to meet to qualify for the scholarship and which avenues of study will be considered, will be determined over the next few months.

The announcement, which was made today at the OTA convention by outgoing chairman, Scott Smith, is part of an overall effort to revitalize the Foundation for the 21st century. Mr. Smith is also chairman of the Board of Trustees of the OTA Education Foundation – an arm’s length organization that has for several decades now been providing scholarships to children of employees of the trucking industry to help fund their post-secondary education.

According to Scott Smith, in addition to providing funding assistance, the Foundation will “be putting a renewed emphasis on making sure the students who receive the scholarships have a better understanding of the importance of the trucking industry and encouraging them to consider careers In trucking.” In order to qualify for funding from the Foundation, applicants will have to demonstrate a level of understanding about the trucking industry, by way of an essay, for example.

David Bradley says, “OTA is pleased to work with the Foundation in this way to support the children of Ontario trucking industry families and to promote the industry as an attractive place to build a career.”

“It really is an investment in the industry’s future, which could pay huge dividends down the road,” he said.


The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is a business association representing motor carriers operating into, out of and within Ontario. The trucking industry is one of Ontario’s largest employers. Trucks haul 90% of all consumer products and foodstuffs produced and consumed in the province and 80% of Ontario’s trade with the United States. Founded in 1926, the association’s membership comprises trucking companies of all sizes, shipping all types of commodities, from all regions of North America. OTA is a member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. The Globe & Mail has stated that “OTA and CTA have been among the most successful lobbyists in the land.”