JD Smith Hosts Humber College Tour

Apr 11, 2012

Peter Jackson, Logistics Program professor with Humber College  approached JD Smith with the idea for this tour.  The 90-students arrived from China in August 2011 and will complete their logistics and business program studies in May.   Peter chose to tour JD Smith to represent the Canadian logistics industry for its long-standing reputation as a quality third-party logistics and distribution provider.

Coordinating the tour took some planning to demonstrate the wide range of customized warehousing and transportation solutions in operation for JD Smith clients.  The 90-students rotated through various stations spread out across different facilities.

Humber students exhibited a keen interest in subject matters including:

•Information Technology solutions  
•Racking concepts, maximizing space  
•HACCP CFIA, commitment to quality  
•Commitment to truck maintenance   
•JD Smith’s global logistics solution for a leading garment manufacturer   

JD Smith has proudly supported Humber College for several years and remains committed to playing a role in educating our future logisticians

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