JDSmith wins ‘Cambro Emerald Award’

May 01, 2014

What is the key ingredient to sustain and attract happy customers?

Surprise! It’s a well-known fact in the service industry, but excellent customer service is absolutely essential for any business to be successful. But what does excellent customer service entail?  At JDSmith, our customers are a vital component, and we’re always interacting with our customers. We always welcome and encourage feedback from our clients because addressing to our customers’ needs and concerns is one of our priorities.

JDSmith has worked with Cambro Manufacturing for several years, and on April 15th, 2014, staff members received a surprise visit from one of Cambro’s representatives. Travelled all the way from the west coast, where the sun never goes away, Michael J. Dunn, Cambro’s Logistics Key Manager, presented JDSmith, an emerald class, gold level award, to recognize our outstanding service as a transportation vendor.

In order to be eligible for the Cambro Emerald award, carriers are evaluated on several categories. These categories include:

On time pick-ups at the warehouse: Being late is never a good thing, which is why JDSmith ensures that the drivers, the warehouse department, and dispatch are all aware of which freight needs to be loaded to go and conducted all in an efficient and timely manner.  

On time delivery to the customer: The other half of the job is getting the freight to its rightful destination and delivering them when they are scheduled to go. We work relentlessly around the clock to ensure that our customers’ shipments such as Cambro’s are processing thoroughly and properly.  

Exception free deliveries: It is important that deliveries are prepared for every stage of production and so JDSmith is constantly tending to our customers’ freight and monitoring the number of exceptions. We try to reduce the number of exceptions, so that our customers receive their deliveries when they ask for it, with little to zero delays.

Freight claims filed to the carrier: Following procedures and taking proper care of our equipment and freight is that JDSmith goes through every day in order to keep the work environment safe for all. Working alongside Cambro Manufacturing, JDSmith has been able to demonstrate excellent performance levels, while looking out for everyone’s health and safety.

Timely responses to Cambro inquiries and emails:
Whether it’s the drivers or customer service representatives, everyone that interacts with our customers understand that informing our clients about their products and maintaining visibility is key in establishing trust amongst one another. Therefore, we’re always a phone call or email away from answering any of our clients questions!

As Michael J. Dunn, from Cambro Manufacturing, states “JD Smith had the highest on time delivery percentage of all of the carriers that we have under contract in North America. That, along with the cooperation we receive from your customer service team, stood out above all others. Cambro Mfg. is honored to be able to give this award to JD Smith. Their efforts have made our customers extremely happy with our selection of using JD Smith as our carrier in the Greater Toronto Area.”

The rest of the JDSmith family would like to say a huge thank you to Cambro Manufacturing for choosing JDSmith as their Transportation Vendor of 2014.

JDSmith previously received the Transportation Vendor Award from Cambro Manufacturing in 2013, for our service excellence.