Safety Awards Celebration 2010

Jun 14, 2010

May 6, 2010

Safety achievements of over 150 employees of JD Smith were celebrated on May 6, 2010 at the annual Safety Awards presentations. As long time members of the THSAO Safe Driver and Safe Worker program, JD Smith recognizes the hard work of its warehouse workers, mechanics and drivers each year for maintaining its enviable reputation for safety and dependability.

The Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario (THSAO) sponsor a safety recognition program - to be eligible, workers must go all year without a compensable work injury; and drivers must go all year without a preventable collision. Based on these criteria, over 150 workers received their THSAO Safe Worker pin, while 74 drivers achieved a collision-free year for their Safe Driver pin.

President & CEO, Scott Smith presented the awards to the winners and provided insight on a number of significant milestones that were reached this year within the JD Smith family;
Clarence Mackinnon reached 20 years of Safe Driving, while Paul Costello received a jacket and trophy to go with his 25 year Safe Driving pin. Ross Baker has 36 years of safety under his belt, and Ken Strickland reached the 37 year milestone.

A number of employees, both warehouse and driver, reached 20 years of safety in the industry. Bill Burgess, John Haines, Rob Harland, Bill Mortlock, Vince Panacci, and Jim Turner all received gifts as well as their 20 year pin.

The highlight of the day was the crowning of ‘Warehouseman of the Year’ and the ‘Driver of the Year’ recognizing those who go above and beyond the call of duty in safety and all around performance on the job. As strict as the criteria was in choosing the winners, almost 20% of the driving force qualified for the honour. The candidates were voted on by management and past winners of the respective awards.

The 2009 Warehouseman of the Year was presented to David Sparkes, from the Basaltic Road warehouse and the 2009 Driver of the Year was presented to Don Bone, who works at ASA Alloys on behalf of JD Smith.

Congratulations to all of the Safe JD Smith employees, Dave Sparkes and Don Bone for their outstanding work over the past year.